Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Post Day #1

Today I had a great post day, and bought some things at Wal*Mart as well. Of course, they're all Blythe related, but that's ok. (I suppose I should say Coral had a great post day.)

Anyway, received 5 pairs of shoes from Taiwan today! We got four pairs of Mary-Janes, and a pair of orange Wellies. We got four because the proceeds went to the Japan relief funds. In Wal*Mart I went into the doll aisle to look for some clothes, just to see what they had. I know Blythes can wear some Barbie clothes, and I believe Moxie as well, whatever those were. I saw some Lin doll clothes and got Coral a jacket that fits very nicely. I also got some lightweight white cotton that I'm going to use to make a fancy dress, maybe from THIS pattern. I've already made the A-Line dress from puchicollective, and I like it a lot.

Anyway, Coral with all her new loot:

I lovelovelove her new coat! Hopefully tomorrow we'll be able to go outside and get better pictures, as it's more turquoise rather than blue. It also came with some armwarmers, which might turn into legwarmers. As you can see, Coral loves her Wellies. We have some plants to get into pots in the next few days, so those will come in handy.

I also laid Coral out with her entire wardrobe. Whew, the girl has a lot! There are some goodies in there from EssHaych and Etsy that I'll be talking about in the next Post Day Post, and some items I've made I haven't blogged about yet.

Here is Coral in an A-Line dress I made for her (pattern from puchicollective) wearing her new shoes from Taiwan, which smelled delightful to Arwen, as she was all up in her grill. Usually The Girls don't care too much about the dolls, but today she was quite interested in what that foreign smell was! Silly kitty.

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Esshaych said...

She's a lucky girl!! I really like the blue coat, I didn't know other doll clothes fit Blythe. Interesting!