Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A-Line Blythe Dress

7: Baby Blue by onepinkhippo
7: Baby Blue, a photo by onepinkhippo on Flickr.
This is the first item I sewed for Coral! It was a test to make sure I could sew small things on the sewing machine, and to sew clothes in general. I don't have much experience with that. The pattern is from PucchiCollective, a great information site for Blythes. It wasn't that bad, actually. It was just one piece. The worst part was sewing the blue fabric to the grey lining, especially round the armhole and neck. I think I got the hang of it now. I also need to learn how to cut better, because the two pattern pieces didn't match exactly. (I can't even cut in a straight line! I don't know what I'm doing cutting fabric, let alone not redoing kindergarten! Heehee.)

I have a few more waiting to be sewn, but my sewing machine bobbin has a glitch and makes these nasty little knots. I think I need to give it a good cleaning and replace the needle.

Speaking of machines, I found my serger book! My parents have me a serger like 3 years ago, and then for the past 2 years I didn't know where the book was, but I finally found it so I can get serging. I even found a pattern to do, a little monster. Once I get more comfortable with it, maybe it'll be easier to make Blythe clothes? We'll see.

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