Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Dishalicious Dishcloth Swap goodies.

My swap partner finally received, so now I can put the pictures up of all the goodies I received, and the cloths I set her.

Here is everything all together: Along with the two cloths, she sent me an adorable ami hippo, some Burt's Bees foot creme, and some stickers which had some hippos on it.

The hippo cloth! (He has his mouth open, btw.) I love the black striped borders. They make it look so much cooler.

The cute little ami hippo, playing in the flowers. She even has a chain stitch bow! Could she be any cuter?

My second cloth; it's a sea star to go with my fishy themed bathroom. It matches perfectly, with my goldfish shower curtain. :)

Here's what I sent. Unfortunately I didn't send anything extra. :( I feel like such a swap bum, but now I know better for the next swaps. (Disclaimer: both these are pre-blocking. I didn't send them looking all funky.)
A golden retriever cloth, in honor of her gorgeous golden, whose name I don't even know! But it was well-received nonetheless.

And she said she liked black, and I was surprised to find black cotton. I didn't think a pattern like the dog above would come up, which kind of nixed a lot of things, so I settled with a grandmother's favorite. It came out nicer than I expected. This picture does it no justice.
I love swaps.

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Kyria said...

Great projects! I love the black dishcloth. Thanks for commenting on my blog. www.crossyr.blogspot.com I'm kinda doing the same as you - trying to use up my stash.