Sunday, January 4, 2009

Big Post

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I've had a set of cluster migraines since Christmas Eve, so my holiday wasn't the best. But I have been a crafting demon.

Since this is such a long post, check Craftster and Ravelry for more pictures.

Flora by Kate Kuckro
Yarns: Lion Brand Jiffy in Dusty Pink and Red Heart Super Saver in Light Sage
Needles: US 10
Mods: I used different yarn.
Would I knit this again? Definitely. Though even though it was blocked, it still curls so I'd have to use wool or something that will block better.
Notes: Doing the twisted stitches were a PITA but they make for an awesome flower.

Petal by Hazel Schrock
Yarn: Peaches & Creme in Daisy Ombre
Needles: US 7
Would I knit this again? I plan on doing a series using my scrap cotton so each of the "petals" will be a different color.
Notes: I learned how to do short rows. (I thought short rows required you to wrap and turn, but apparently not. It was quite simple.)

Mario Bag
Whenever we go on vacation, Boyfriend always wraps his pens in a bandanna. It's cute, but he needs a proper bag for holding his pens/possibly DS. Thus the Mario Bag was born.

Flower Bag
This started as a triangle sided bag but the triangle parts turned out wonky and it was lopsided. I chopped off the bottom and sewed it up, and it looks far better.

Mario Stuffies
I used scraps from the Mario Bag plus a red napkin I got at IKEA from As Is for $0.25 and made my kitties catnip Marios.

Catwarming Set by Michelle Ameron
Yarn: Needlepoint yarn I got at the thrift store.
Needles: US 4
Would I knit this again? Definitely. My cats love them. I just watching my kitten rip a mouse to shreds I made from this same pattern. They may need replacement mice soon.
Mods: STRANDING! The second one isn't really ball shaped, but it works. I didn't have time to knit the iCord, so one has some free yarn and the other a braid and they love it all the same.
Notes: I learned how to do colorwork. :D

This was a spectacularly crafty Christmas. I received 8 (YES 8!) balls of sock yarn, four books and beautiful wooden DPNs made in Vietnam. (l to r) Patons Kroy Sock Yarn in Kool Stripes and Winter Eclipse, Joann Soles and More in Purple/Pink/Grey and Patons Kroy Sock 4 Ply in Gentry Grey. I also received Toilet Roll Covers, Charmed Knits (Alison Hansel), and both Stitch and Bitch knitting books: the handbook and SNB Nation. I'm so excited to start knitting out of these, but I have to wade through the mass of projects I have stored under my bed.

2009 has begun and I haven't even completed my 2008 afghans! So I've been really pushing. I've finished four blocks in the past two days by watching all three Lord of the Rings movies and Primeval (Connor! ♥) I finished (in order of appearance) Shells and Waves (September) for my mom, Wheel Lattice (November) for my and both July blocks, Star Overlay.

This is my same list from last year, but I REALLY want to try and do these things.
1. Go to a new LYS.
2. Clean up computer room partly.
3. Start and finish a project using stash yarn.
4. Cook dinner once a week,
5. Always have desserts ready.
6. See at least 2 friends returning from college.
7. Estudiar Espanol.

1. I’m going to use all my leftover cotton and make a whole bunch of multicolored Petals. (
2. I’ve separated all my yarn into two under the bed boxes. Big White holds all yarn that is slated for a project. Get through this before buying anymore! (Hopefully I’ll stick to this. I’ve said it over and over again but I’m loosing space!) Plus, most of these are projects for me! Cheesy
3. Join the 2009 12” squares CALs on Ravelry and Craftster and use all the leftover/acrylic yarn out of Big Blue.

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