Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Contrary to popular belief, I'm not dead. Well, not fully. I had a horrible combination of migraine and sinus infection and was on a ton of meds, then I went to the hospital, then more meds, blah blah. But I'm better now, recovering slowly. The great thing is, I managed to still take a picture each day I was sick. Dedication, no?

May 22nd: Poor little Susie has been having troubles with her poos so we took her to the vet but they were forced to keep her overnight because she refused to give them a fresh sample. Silly kitty. Needless to say, she wasn't too happy when we picked her up. But she was content to ride around in the car for a bit.

May 23rd: I wish this was my license! It says CRFT DVA if you can't see clearly.

May 24th: Me in the hospital, after I waited in triage for two hours. So many people came in with symptoms of just the common cold but the swine flu, though it hasn't been in the news recently, still has people freaked out. This was right after I got my meds. (praise God!) See the IV?

May 25th: This is what the past few days have consisted of - just being in bed with my Hippo for comfort, a box of tissues always at my side, the vomit bucket we took from the hospital and trashy magazines, though the pain was so severe I was just able to read yesterday.

May 26th: Mr. mochaxlight came to visit me yesterday! The first time I had seen him since like the 20th. He brought me breakfast, what a cutie. :]

May 27th: This is Bleu. He belongs to one of my cat sitting clients. Poor thing is deaf and completely freaks out when he realizes I'm next to him.

Here's to hopefully not getting sick for a nice, long time! *I hope!*

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