Saturday, May 9, 2009


myklia was cleaning up her yarn stash and had four grocery bags full of yarn she was going to donate to Goodwill. I said "hey, send it over here!" and this week I was excited to receive two boxes filled to the brim with yarn. I see so many projects - granny daughters, 12in squares, scarves with the ribbon yarn, a rug with the suede - the possibilities are endless! Of course, I have no place to store any of it, but it'll get used and won't hang around that long. She sent me 37 skeins! (some are partial skeins, some are little needlepoint skeins, but they still count, right?) I love lists, so here's everything I got:
  • 5 balls Lion Suede in Eggplant
  • orange worsted
  • brown with white twists worsted
  • Red Heart Light & Lofty in Onyx
  • rougher black worsted
  • citron bulky
  • rust and gold - Gryffindor worsted
  • 2 skeins purple worsted
  • rainbow boucle, already claimed by my mom :P
  • Bernat Baby Boucle in Violet Blossom
  • black worsted, perfect for outlining my granny daughters
  • mint green worsted
  • robin egg blue DK
  • Scovill Dritz needlepoint yarn in Horizon Blue
  • yellow needlepoint yarn
  • green needlepoint yarn (perfect for making small amigurumis)
  • 2 balls blue, purple, pink variegated worsted
  • baby blue worsted
  • Sugar and Creme cotton in black
  • purple mix worsted
  • Ice Yarns ribbon yarn in pink
  • rougher green worsted (great for kitty toys. They get destroyed so easily if I make them in worsted, and this is rough, perfect for noming.)
  • brown worsted
  • light blue worsted
  • green bulky
  • Lion Brand Chenille Thick and Quick in Forest Green
  • lake blue bulky
  • big o' ball of purple worsted
  • 2 balls each of Lion Brand Incredible in Accent and Black, City Lights and Blue Shades
  • extras: pink backpack thing (LOL), oversize cloche and a Rapunzel scarf in shades of green. I really like it.


Unfortunately, the cross stitch for my mom isn't going to be finished. :\ I just don't have the time today, especially since I took a three hour nap. Tomorrow I'm making breakfast, dinner, and dessert and we're going to see Star Trek, all three of us. (OMG AMAZING MOVIE GO SEE IT. Zachary Quinto is such a sexy Vulcan.) I also have finals to study for and then Mr. mochaxlight and I are going to VA Beach so I won't be able to even begin to work on it again until next weekend. But Momma mochaxlight understands. Late gifts are better than no gifts, right? And I'm sure she'll love it! I didn't know cross stitch was such a time suck.


May 9ths picture. An unopened mum.


myklia said...

I can't believe you actually listed all the yarn sent. It was overwhelming for me to look at let alone think of exactly what I was stuffing in the boxes. I am so glad it is going to get some use. That is what it is for. I love the pictures you sent back to me. Thank you so much.

mochaxlight said...

Pahahaha, I'm a little OCD sometimes, and I LOVE making lists. I have yet to put everything in my Ravelry. I got depressed; I looked at all the yarn in my stash and then all THESE NEW balls and was like OMG I HAVE TO USE IT ALL. :O I'm already using some of your yarns playing catchup on the 2009 12/6" BAM CALs, and of course for granny daughters. :] Maybe we'll be partners!

I'm glad you like your pictures! I was like "hmm, what to send...GARDEN PICS!" You would have some veggies and herbs I haven't gotten my tomatoes or anything yet.

And of course, you got more yarn, send it to VA!