Monday, June 22, 2009


100. Complete Keri Smith’s 100 ideas (6/100)

I've been on a journaling kick lately, and have completed 6 out of 100 of Keri Smith's ideas. I've done:

12. Make a map of everywhere you went in one day.
It was quite a while ago; I don't know the exact date. But my drawing skills are pretty lame, so I'm not going to share.

70. Do nothing.
May 21, 2009, I did nothing. I think I slept all day due to migraines. What a waste.

11. Make a list of everything you buy in the next week.
  • 6/16: mini Iron Man frisbees for Mr. mochaxlight, fish carabiners, two collars for Arwen, a stretchable hippo, Father's Day and graduation cards and four skeins of TLC's Amore in Fawn, for which I'm going to make THIS sweater, all from the Dollar Store. Take that, Michael's. I can get four skeins for a dollar when a skein itself would cost $5 or 6 at Michaels. Nyah nyah. Oh, and so much for depleting the stash. Oops.
  • 6/17: Nothing
  • 6/18: Ginger ale from 7-11; postage; two paninis and one lemonade from Panera
  • 6/19: Nothing
  • 6/20: fish food, hermit crab sand, hermit crab coconut soil, (which he loves. He's been hiding in it since I put it in his cage yesterday.) a hermit crab pooper scoop and hermit crab banana treats from PetsMart
  • 6/21: root beer and instant iced tea mix from Giant; a book on amigurmi from Herrschner's.
Not too bad. I should still work on saving, but some things were needed. And can you really give up purchasing stuff at the Dollar Store? I mean, it's a DOLLAR!

60. Glue a photo of yourself as a child into your journal.
This is me in 1988!

97. (One of my written ones. Keri Smith gives you the last 5 out of 100 to write your own prompts) Describe in detail the dream I had last night.
Way to personal and long to fully reproduce here, but Lindsay Lohan and Vin Diesal were in it (mental note: don't let Perez Hilton be the last thing you look at before going to sleep.) along with murders and West Side Story. I have really odd dreams.

34. Fill an entire page in your journal with small circles. Color them in.
By far the most fun one to do, and I love the colors.

I have a ton in progress, too. Mr. mochaxlight gave me a cool journal (for our anniversary last year? Birthday? I can't remember; he spoils me too much.) that has lined pages on the right sides and blank pages on the left sides, thus bringing out my more artistic side. If you don't have a paper journal, I'd highly recommend getting one just to do these prompts. They're a lot of fun. Some are silly, some I know I'm going to fail at because I can't paint (we might do photographs instead) and some really make you think.

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