Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Bobbie bobbles stitchy scrubbie...thing.

Mom: "Can you make me one of those bobbie...bobbles...stitchy...thing? Please?
Me: O_O
Mom: "You know, that scrubbie thing you have."
Me: 5 minutes later, "OH, one of these!"

Stitchy Scrubbie by Maya Mackowiak Elson, from the March/April issue of Crochet Today!
Yarn: Sugar and Creme in HOT Blue, and Peaches and Creme in Daisy Ombre
Hook: I hook.
Modifications: One strand instead of two, I didn't want to run out of yarn, this being a stash buster.

I finished this one in under 2 hours. BOOYAH. What a great, easy, cute little gift!


Esshaych said...

I love scrubbies! I really like the colours you used too!

mochaxlight said...

Thanks! :] I was suprised it came out looking so cute!