Sunday, August 9, 2009

Squares on Sunday Volume III

This week's squares! They're so much better looking that week 1's. Even though there's problems with my cutting and matching the center squares up perfectly, this batch has come out almost perfectly. My favorites are the purple (I call this my Harry Potter fabric) and yellow one in the top row, and the one to the right of it, with the flowers and leaves. And I really like my apple fabric. (Under the flowers and leaves.) Unfortunately, I'm not going to be able to work on any more until I get back from vacation the 20th. I could take my sewing machine and everything, but then I'd have to take my iron, ironing board, and my cutting mat and rotary cutter, because sometimes the strips of three blocks aren't even and need to be cut before they're all sewed together. And besides, it's vacation. I need to relax. And I'm bringing like 8 knitting/crocheting projects that I might not even work on.

In honor of Squares on Sunday, I chose to show my squares for the 2009 Block - a - Month Crochet - a - Long. (Ignore the fact the 2009 block is upside down. Oops.) I wanted to wait until I had done exactly half, but I'm not there yet and I've been working on other projects. Right now I'm just not in the crocheting squares mood. And I know it's not all my squares, but I thought it'd be bigger. Maybe it's because it'll probably be doubled, at least, when it's finished. I could always just crochet one more 6 inch and declare it finished, but I want a big, scrappy, ugly, unique blanket thing so I get through my acrylic stash and buy me some nice yarns. Like Malabrigo. ;]

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