Monday, October 19, 2009

#25, #35 #74, #56-58

#25. Read the books I own but have never read or don't remember reading before buying any more. (5/56)
I finished my Michael Crichton collection. It had Congo, Sphere, and Eaters of the Dead (or The 13th Warrior) Congo was excellent; I gobbled it up in a few days just like I usually do with his works. Sphere was meh; I probably won't read it again, but I'd like to see the movie. Eaters of the Dead/The 13th Warrior was surprisingly really good; I really enjoyed it. It's a story about a Muslim who travels with the Vikings. It's based on the real personal journals of Ahmad ibn Fadlan's journey with the Vikings, and Beowulf. There are the "mist monsters" aka the wendol (or Grendel), and from ibn Fadlan's account and the appendices and other sources of scientists who have translated it and studied it, who are thought to be Neanderthals. This poses the question, were there Neanderthals alive in modern times? It was really interesting, though if I read the word "verily" one more time, I'm going to shoot someone. ibn Fadlan used it like 10 times on each page. Other than that, it's good. I'd recommend Congo definitely, Eaters perhaps, if you find the Vikings/Beowulf interesting, but Sphere not so much.

#35. Knit a sweater. (completed 17.10.09)
OK, so I wasn't exactly clear about anything on this task, just to knit a sweater. Friday night I did! It took me two hours, and here is the finished result:

OK, yeah, so it can only fit my thumb, but who's really counting?! I knit a sweater! Technically, it counts. For the purpose of this list, it counts, especially since I can just about guarantee I'll have a full sized one finished before September 2011. But it's so cute! And it only took two hours. Now I know all the basics about knitting a top down raglan, and I'm itching to start, but it's the pre-Christmas season so what little free time I have is being used on Christmas crafts. Not that I mind. I'm just itching to make stuff for me, and try new techniques, and challenge myself, like knitting socks and a sweater. (Socks are my "after Christmas project aka what I'll be knitting on Christmas day.) Go check out EVOLUTION 101 on my craft blog for step-by-step pictures and all the information and details.

#74. Visit the countries/places where my ancestors are from. (Ireland, England, Germany again, Panama, Trinidad, the Dakotas)
Remember in my last post how excited I was about going to Germany again? Well, it fell through. Turns out we didn't have enough money for both me and my mom to go, and I really, really wanted her to go, so that kinda killed some of the fun, and I started getting bad migraines which freaked me out. If I'm here, it's easy to just miss class because my head is throbbing. What would I do over there? I'd hate myself if I stayed in the hotel room all day, and there's classes to take over there, too, and museum/city tours during the day and operas and events at night. And what if it gets really bad and I have to go to a hospital? Granted, a lot of people over there speak English, I barely speak a word of German or Czech. It scared me, especially since they aren't really that in check yet. And I got into a car accident, (No one's hurt; she hit me.) so that's a $250 deductible. By the time that happened, we had already decided we weren't going, so we're getting my bumper fixed (I haven't had my car in almost two weeks. I'm getting withdrawal symptoms) and my mom's fender, so there's money there. Oh well. I know I'll get back over there eventually. Maybe over the summer, or next winter. Hopefully by then I'll be able to know more about my migraines and how to care for myself when I have them.

#56 through #58 have been deleted, because unfortunately (and unforeseeably [it's not a word; I don't care] at the time I wrote the list) my boyfriend and I have split. Since that's the case, I doubt there'll be any trips to Peru or Disney World, or love letters. But it's life, so it goes on.

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