Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Picture post!

Yay, don't we all love it when I take pictures!? And then when I sleep all day due to a migraine and am wide awake at 11 PM even thought I still have a migraine? And extremely hyper due to prednisone? (Seriously, I should have some major muscles by now.) Since there's not much else I can do besides read (I'm already on my third book this cluster set; 200 pages in A Million Little Pieces) listen to soft music, and do some crossword puzzles, I figured "hey, why not blog?!" Apparently I can stay on the computer for a while. Screwy ain't it?

First I have to thank the lovely EssHaych, even though the only thing she did was pull my name out of a hat, but I won a Monstie! In pink! And she had a little photo shoot today. I meant to take her outside but completely forgot; another time. 

I love those braids (And the fact she's making "the O-Face" from Office Space.)


With her little sticky feet friend! I have a black one, too, from when I bought an Eggbert(a). 

Then we got a little artsy. (That's the pinecone I meant to take outside.)

I need to take a picture of her up against something that I've made for scale. This thing is tiny. (No, she doesn't have a name...yet. Any ideas?) And the stitches are so small and perfect! You're one of my idols, EssHaych. Thank you so much for this awesome addition to my craft table.


I had a migraine today, and oddly the cold weather makes it go away temporarily. Since it was snowing (local schools didn't have snow) I decided to take Charlie and go shoot/go for a walk. It wasn't cold enough to make me forget, but I did get some nice shots. The whole set is here on Flickr, but these are some of my favorites:

This is from my back window before the sun came out when I was too much of a wuss to go outside. I love those trees, though. If you follow me, you'll see this shot a lot. With snow, summer, spring, autumn, monkeys hanging out there, you name it.

I love the effect of snow through the branches.
I really hope it's effect not affect or I'll feel really dumb.

I adore these seed pods. They're so awesome for photographs. Anyone know what species of tree they hail from?

I really like pinecones. This was the only one I saw. I wish I had brought my pinecone with me. Next time.

Down that little ravine is where I went exploring a few weeks ago. 

The snow reminded me of icicles.

I like pine needles, too. 

I have absolutely no idea what type of plant it is, but it's purple, therefore awesome. Plus snow? Perfect for my camera.

Apparently we're getting another blizzard this weekend, which means more snow shots. I need to find somewhere else to go walking; Kingstowne is getting boring.


Nijean said...

ahhh prettty :)

go to oldtowneee omggg :)

Esshaych said...

Aaww Thank You for the lovely comments!! *hugs!* I'm glad you like your Monstie!

I love your photos - I wish I could take pictures like that. I want a camera like Charlie!

And you still have snow!! All ours melted about a month ago :(

Jillian Rose said...

Nijean: ROAD TRIP. (Or Metro, whatevs.)

Sarah: No, THANK YOU! We're getting around 16 - 24 inches tomorrow. The only good thing is I have a ton to knit and a paper to write.