Friday, March 26, 2010

Medical Mysteries

Medical Mysteries: A condition worse than migraines was causing woman's pain.
via The Washington Post, 23 March 2010.


Esshaych said...

That's really interesting! I get terrible eye pain in and around my left eye, that the doctor says is migraine, but after reading that it makes you think. But I get my eyes checked every year and they check for glaucoma. Plus I'm blind in my left eye, so I can't tell if it goes blurry or not lol! I was told that might be part of the reason why it hurts too, because the right one is doing all the work.
This is a really great and helful blog - my brother gets cluster headaches and migraines that are really bad like yours - I'm gonna give him this web address so he can read it too :)

Jillie said...

*Delay* How did I not see this? Anyway, you're blind in your left eye? So, you can't see at all? (Sounds like a stupid question, but my dad is legally blind, and he can't drive, so maybe it's not like blackness, your eye's just really bad.) Agh, that sucks! I couldn't imagine, not even having to wear glasses 24/7.

If you get pain around your left eye, but it's your right eye that's doing all the work, should it be pain around your right eye then?