Saturday, March 13, 2010

An Octopus and a Duopus

Before I go into the amazing packages I received from Sarah and Jeanette, let's share a few FOs first, shall we?

Actually, Sarah's going to be all over this post.  First we had a yarn swap (post tomorrow! I need to upload pictures.) and I added a few extras including an octopus.  Woa, speaking of Jeanette, this is some yarn she sent me in the first yarn swap we had.  It was a hat that was supposed to be felted, but the yarn wasn't animal fiber.  I was luckily enough to get the insanely large thing and frog it for cute cephalopods.

Baby Octopus by RubyTuesday via Craftster.
Yarn:  Weird and semi-bulky.
Hook: H (5 mm)
No mods, and no notes, just a straightforward octo.

It was my friend's birthday...kinda, on 29 February.  Kinda because she was born on the leap year, so technically she didn't get a birthday.  I made her Monstie from Sarah's pattern, and she left me a Facebook message saying thanking me for the "two-legged octopus?  The Duopus?"  Haha.  I've sent her an octopus before.  Thus it will always be known as a Duopus.  Monstie 'nuthin. 

Monstie Duopus from Sarah/EssHaych
Yarn: Lion Brand's Vanna's Choice in Rose Mist
Hook: my new E (3.5mm) ergonomic hook
Notes:  The body's a tad long, and I think I went a little overboard with the mouth, but she was well-received.

Tomorrow: yarn pr0n


Esshaych said...

Hahaha Duopus! I've never thought of them being 2 legged octopus'!
I LOVE my octopus! I need to take a picture of him and put it on my blog, but my camera is dead at the mo :(

Jills said...

Haha, I know right! I was looking at the pink one you gave me and they look so different! I bet mine towers above it. :[
Camera phone?