Sunday, April 11, 2010

Squares on Sunday II

Sunday round up! I've been working like a maniac, enough that I had a few days to spare, but even though I had messed up my medicines and had vertigo for two days I still managed to get them finished. For Inga's bag, I only need 1 yellow and 3 blue, the majority of might get finished tonight! I'm going to buy some red yarn tomorrow to join, and will hopefully have it done by the weekend. The two small ones in the bottom right corner are from a scarf I started a while ago but I'm not too sure what I'm going to do with the squares. Mind as well get them all done. I'm itching to start on my hexagon pillow. I might see if I can find a bolster pillow form.

I also finished an orca!

So cute! I love all marine animals, and I love orcas especially. My mom said it looked like a samurai with that dorsal fin. >.<

Killer Whale Amigurumi by Charissa Gascho/AwkwardSoul on Etsy
Yarn: Caron Natura in black and white
Hook: ergonomic E (3.5 mm)
Modifications: None, though I know I didn't do the tail right. I'm not too sure what happens, but it looks ok.
Would I crochet this again? Yes, she needs a momma!


Esshaych said...

Lovely squares, and I love the Orca! :D

Jills said...

I think I need one in every color of the rainbow. :3