Monday, May 17, 2010

Every Day in May catchup!

But first, look to the veeeeeeeeery top right hand corner. See it? Blogger has pages now, very fancy.  There's only patterns and recipes now, maybe an About Me later? Patterns needs some pictures and recipes should be up and posted soon.  They'll be links to regular posts, but all up there nice and dandy like a mini database.

I know, I'm getting tired of flowers too, especially the ones that are just around my house. I need to start going out, even if it's just for short walks around the neighborhood. I couldn't imagine doing Project 365, it'd be flowers and cats 24/7.

Though Friday I went on a bike ride. Just a short one, up to the grocery store. (Post on that later.)

And Saturday I got my garden together. (More on that later, too.) I still have a lot to do: weeding and getting the ground together before I can add the soil and plant my little seedlings. I hope this rain lets up soon!

Upcoming posts!
1. My nifty package from Sarah/EssHaych! ♥
2. I Fought the Blender, but the Blender Won
3. Gardening 101
4. Hexagons?
5. Oh, and definitely a Squares on Sunday post, even if it is delayed.

Happy Bunday!

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