Friday, June 18, 2010


Remember the hexagon afghan I've been working on?  The last [green] round of all dcs in the spaces and each dc made them really curly and ruffly and they wouldn't lay flat even if I pulled and stretched it out.  I'm using acrylic so blocking won't work.  Today I decided to just see how it would look if I kept the "2dc, ch2, dc2" corners, and then repeated like previous rounds chaining 2 and doing 2dc in the space.  It doesn't look bad, and it's not ruffly!  I think that's how the final pattern is going to be.  I still have to decide whether I want the first [orange] round to be 3dc clusters like this one or 2dc clusters.  The 2dc clusters look more like a flower, but I like the way this one looks.  I've also done two this way, so I think I may stick with that.  One more hex to go, then I can do the pale blue triangles for in between and finalize the pattern and post it, w00t!


Lauren said...

Ahh! I love this! Hexagons are my favorite shape!!! :D

Jillie the Great said...

Thanks! They're my new favorite, too! What amazing little shapes!