Tuesday, July 6, 2010

No, not about hexagons...

Even though I do have a whole post planned about hexagon shaped foods, I'll give ya'als a break... FOR NOW.  (Cue evil laughter.)

I've been working on some blocks for my grandma's afghan, and figured I'd share with my lovely readers.

First,  you can't have a crocheted afghan for your grandmother without a granny square.  That's blasphemous.

Regular granny

And the June square from the 2010 200 Crochet Blocks CAL, #76: Granny Stripes:

76:  Granny  Stripes

Hook: I (5.5 mm)
Yarn: CSS in White and Soft Green; Lion Brand Pound of Love in Lavender; Red Heart Soft Baby Multi in Rocking Horse

And since last month was June, I was able to do the Halfway Through! Picture:


It's coming along nicely, though I have 4 more of the 12 inchers, which are a bugger. Oh well. I need to get working so I can give it to her in December!

ETA: Check out our new brown carpets!  Arwen will no longer be a black ink spot kitteh, now she kinda blends.


Kim @ Knot Krisp said...

Ooh, so pretty! I've been wanting to make a blanket with different size squares. This is very nice.

Jillie the Great said...

Thanks! I can't wait until it's finished, I hope it looks fab.