Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Socks are hard.

So, a quick update on socks.  Remember the Garden Socks that I started in May, and finally turned the heel a few months ago?  After putting it aside because I didn't want to deal with picking up stitches, in between projects I decided I was ready.  The result is that it's all wrong.  All wrong.  Turns out I knit the heel on the wrong side!  I will take better pictures tomorrow or in better lighting, but basically if I put the heel I knit where my heel is on my actual foot the cuff becomes the foot, and the foot section (the last section) that I was just about to begin to knit would end up being the cuff.  Alas.  Poor socks!  I was so excited for them, too.  So the decision is to either (a) frog them up to the cuff and begin again and knit the heel on the correct side this time or (b) continue as it's going, and instead of knitting a foot in stockinette knit a second "cuff" in 1x1 ribbing, and then pick up stitches around the original cuff, and close those up to give me a Frankenstein sock.  Then when I work on its match it'll be better and correct this time.  Damn socks.  >.<

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Esshaych said...

Oooo tricky! I'm not a knitter, so don't really know what to suggest :( Though a frankenstein sock doesn't sound too bad :p