Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A few things...

Such has HEXAGONS! I found these on someone's blog, and need to find where they make them ASAP.

What a spectacular cereal!

On crazymomquilts' blog on Monday she posted an adorable hexagon needle book she had made:

Is this not the cutest thing you've ever seen?!  The link to the tutorial is HERE, and the hexagon template she used is HERE.  I can't wait until I have another day off to make some clean the crafting room and then make some.

I've uploaded my New York City pictures onto Flickr finally.  You can find them all HERE.  As you know I visited the Lion Brand Yarn Studio for a class.  I have some pictures of the yarn I bought and the baby gator I made, but those are still on the camera, so I'll get those soon.  But how did I know it was the LBYS?

By the yarn bombing outside, of course!

Ohhhh, it was beautiful.

OK, so I was really excited to meet Anna and make some baby gators.  Once he's completely finished, I'll
 add him on here.

Speaking of Anna, I asked if she could make a tiny hippo, and she did!  Look how cute!  I hope I can get a pattern to make a whole multicolored army bunch for myself!

 P.S.  I also finished my baby gator today!  Pictures tomorrow!

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