Thursday, September 30, 2010

Housecleaning, or whatever it's called.

Or, just getting bloggy things together.

First, I have a new layout, woo! I've redone everything, with a new background image and a new color theme. I think it'll be easier to read, especially because now the dates (and the blog title) won't be hidden in the background. It's also a little more mature, a little more grown up. Of course there's pink, and there actually are hippos in the image, look!

On the left, that is definitely a hippo! Not sure why there's a seahorse and deer there, too, but hey, there's hippos and I like it.

I've also added labels to the left hand column, so navigation will be easier for both me and readers. The search engine thing doesn't work, so labels it is. They aren't completely finished, and even though the OCD me really wants them to be, I doubt it'll ever happen. From now on though, they will be pretty thorough.

I wish I could say I finished updating the pages on the right hand side at the top as well, but I haven't. The "about me" for the Who Is OPH? section is finished in its draft form, and I have a new recipe, so those should be completed soon.

I have 7 posts of things I've been meaning to get up for the past two weeks, and since presents have been received, more pictures taken, new ideas blossomed, and new recipes made, I think it's time I play catch up and get these things out there.

Oh, and I'm going to introduce a new feature. Instead of Photography Mondays, we're going to go with Mosaic Mondays. There's even a nice group on Flickr filled with lovely mosaics. That will go along with Favorite Things Friday and Squares on Sunday, which I shall (oh so hopefully) keep up with!

So, this is going to be the last post for a while where I'm just yammering about things that need to be posted. I will be posting these things, so stay tuned!


Esshaych said...

Lovely background - it's all pretty! :D
Lol when you said Mosaic Monday I thought you ment actual mosaics, you know, made out of little tiles lol!! Good job I checked the Flickr link haha! Looking forward to the new feature!

Jillie the Great said...

Oh man, actual mosaics would take FOREVER. And I so DO NOT need another craft to start, haha. :3

Thankies! Love Google Images. ;]