Saturday, October 2, 2010

Favorite Things Friday: Garnet Hill's Inspiration

We get the Garnet Hill catalog in the mail every few months, and each time I drool over all the exquisite crocheted items, beautiful cashmere sweaters, fluffy duvets, and then I look at the price and realize there's no way I can afford any of these things. But that doesn't stop me from taking my scissors and cutting out some of those crocheted items and store them for later, when I can make them in affordable yarns, and it'll have that ounce of homemade-ness. (And it won't be $350.)

Firstly, of course, they have hexagons!

They have hexagon scarves,

 hexagon afghans, and latch hook hexagon pillows.

I love the colors of both of these, and would love to have more of a themed hexie afghan or scarf, rather than one made up of scraps. Those look nice, sure, check out THIS one on Craftster, but themed things are nice, too. Ooo, I think KnitPicks has like 12 colors of Palette in blueish colors. Mmmmm. 

I love this throw, too. I used to have this pattern stitch bookmarked, and I probably have it somewhere, but this is to remind me to get it out again.

I really love their color combinations, that aren't too feminine or masculine, and have an autumn touch. The colors may look vastly different in balls in a bag, but together they're exquisite.

These crocheted and latch-hooked items are probably so expensive because they're hand done. I know there's knitting machines that can knit pieces of sweaters up in no time, but because crochet is so different, I doubt the existence of a crochet machine ever. I don't have the magazine in front of me, but I'm pretty sure the "hand made" label is there, along with where it was made.

This cashmere sweater I really just liked the color combination. Maybe it'll be seen in a future project (maybe a hand knit cashmere sweater.)

This rug was just gorgeous. I love the colors, and design, and... ok, I just love everything about it.

Thanks Garnet Hill for having such inspirational items in your catalogue! 


Esshaych said...

Wish we had a catalog like this in the UK! :(

One Pink Hippo said...

Check out their website!