Sunday, October 3, 2010

Squares on Sunday: The Afghan Version

I know, I've been posting like a maniac, huh?! Hopefully it keeps up, though it'll probably taper off eventually.

Anyway, afghans. If you've been following this blog and/or Ravelry, then you know I have three afghans in WIP status. Unfortunately the hexagon amoeblanket and granny daughters are in hibernation, because I've got to work on Christmas gifts. But I'll still show you my progress so far.

Here's my progress on the hexagon afghan:

I really love it, I can't wait for it to be finished. And all those little hexagons have some sort of memory with them. There's rainbow yarn from one of my first scarves, scraps from my Daddy's afghan and my moms, a hexagon that represents the other afghan I was doing (and now stopped) the Happy Summer Hexagon one, remember that? One day, you shall be finished. 

And granny daughters! It was really bright that day so it's kinda washed out, but this one has been tons of fun. It goes by super fast, and I like just sticking my hand in and grabbing a random color. There's plenty of my own grannies, and then fun and interesting ones I've gotten from swaps. There's even a glow in the dark one that totally freaked me out when I woke up in the middle of the night. I was trying to figure out how there was this glowing string and where it came from, but couldn't get it until I woke up the next morning. 

And as far as my grandma's 80th birthday afghan spectacular, that I've been seriously slacking on, I still have more than half the squares to make. I have 5 12" ones and 12 6" ones to go, so only 17. Yeah, only 17, right?! I need to get working! If anyone has any suggestions for more 6" blocks, throw them my way. My list of blocks to do has some blanks for 6 inchers.

So the goal for the next SoS? Have at least 1 afghan square to show for my grandma's blanket. I think I can follow that. (Even better if it's a 12 incher!)


Esshaych said...

Lovely work! I've got loads of GD's, maybe I should make a blanket out of them!

One Pink Hippo said...

Definitely! What had you planned to do with them anyway?

Esshaych said...

I just have them in a box at the moment, waiting to make something lol! I thought maybe a scarf but a blanket seems a better idea :D