Friday, January 21, 2011

Favorite Things Friday: Ch-ch-changes, and Ravelry Inspiration


And of course, I'm typing this up on it now. I'm still getting used to things, like how you can't right click, but so far I love it. It's so much easier than a PC! I used to be against Macs, and thought they were so difficult to use, but I used John's all the time, and realized actually how simple they are. 

And in other news, I imported my other two blogspot blogs into this one. All my posts dealing with migraines are here now, under the label "migraines" as well as the posts from my 101 in 1,001 list, labeled "101 in 1001." There's also a new page at the top that has the whole list. It was ridiculous having so many blogs, especially two that didn't have any followers, so now it's a lot easier to have three, two dedicated to something in particular (art and art history, and crafts) and just a tumblr that I can post what I wish. 

Second, I love Ravelry. I really, really do. People are so helpful and kind; I've never had problems with anyone. (Unlike Craftster, when this woman and I got into it over rights to a swap. Since then, I rarely visit Craftster.) Anyway, I know I didn't blog about this, because I haven't gotten the pictures up to Flickr yet, but I will, when I was in NYC for my birthday, I went and visited a yarn store and splurged on two balls of Noro Kureyon in the hopes that I could make a Noro Striped Scarf. I was thrilled, but it turned out two balls wouldn't be enough. Those balls were like $40, so I wasn't too thrilled with buying two more balls. I don't believe in $80 scarves unless it's handmade by a blind woman with no hands who spun the yarn from rare multicolored llamas that only live near one waterfall in the Andes. But then I saw this:

Brilliant! I can do this! I can make a Noro scarf now, using Noro and another type of wool, and still get something exquisitie, but it won't break the bank! She used Cascade 220, but I happen to have a skein of black Paton's Wool that will be amazing for this. I'm really excited!

In other news, I'm over my sinus infection of last week but now have otitis media, a crazy ear infection. I can barely hear out of my left ear; everything is muffled. It sounds like the adults from Charlie Brown, "wah wah wah." It's in a lot of pain too, so that along with the sniffles means I've been sleeping a lot and am barely able to lift a finger to knit more than a few rows. Hopefully I can start my swatch tonight, but I can't make promises. 

P.S. Tomorrow, when the sun returns and my camera is charged, fun fibery pressies from Jeanette. :]

P.P.S. OH, and more information about the doily.


Lauren said...

Hooray macs! I hope you like yours!

Lauren said...

ps. your new background is super cute!