Thursday, February 3, 2011

Day 3: Do you have any other WIPs (works in progress)?

Yes. I don't think I've ever had just one WIP. 

Currently I'm still working on my Daddy's Grumpasaurus for Christmas. I freaked out because it was ripply, but the nice people on Ravelry helped and said to stuff him a lot and he'll even out. I finished the majority of his head and body, but am waiting to put his face on because I have to embroider, and have to be more awake to embroider than I am right now, even if it is just few straight lines.

I'm also doing squares for my grandma's afghan, but the Noro Scarf has taken precedence.

I had hoped to cast on this weekend two other small items, but I have a lot of homework and readings to catch up on so I'm not sure. I want to make John a "magic" mushroom, and my mom an amigurumi owl for Valentine's Day. I also want to make myself a heart garland from this pattern a la Bunny Mummy, but I doubt I'll have the time for all that.

But since blog posts and homework is finished I'm going to go cast on for my Effortless Cardigan, yay!

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