Saturday, February 5, 2011

Day 5: How long did it take from the time your learned how to knit, to finish your first project?

Probably a few months. I don't remember, honestly. I know I made 5 of those Fancy Fur scarves, and was pretty much done with garter stitch and novelty yarn after that. I didn't keep as better track as I do now, mainly because now I have a blog I can yap about them on and Ravelry. I have pictures on my other computer, but I'm in the middle of doing homework, and if I start looking at old pictures and reminiscing things will never get done. (Though this reminds me to check out those old photos.)

I think the same goes for crochet. It was a long scarf crocheted lengthwise in a rainbow yarn. I think it was an old version of Caron Simply Soft. It's taller than I am, has fringe, and I still wear it, I love it. It's more of a muted rainbow and the dominant color is pink. I'll try to take pictures tomorrow when we get sun, because it really is beautiful. I know I chained like 200, then did 5 or so rows of sc, 3 or so of hdc, 2 of dc, and then went back down. It was like a sampler scarf, I suppose you could say.

Hopefully these questions will get more interesting and I can post pictures!

As far as progress, everything has pretty much come to a halt because I am loaded down with homework. I knit my Noro scarf for about an hour last night while I watched Fringe (which was intense) and that's about it. As far as my Effortless Cardigan goes, it's languishing in a bag, the cast on and set up rows down, and I'm waiting to hear back from people in the KAL if I can get away with doing just M1 increases or if I should really go and learn how to do M1L and M1R. I'd like to learn the new technique, but I don't want to mess up my sweater, but I want it to be wearable. And don't even ask about Christmas presents, ugh.

(Now I wrote all this in about 3 minutes, but my simple 3 - 4 paragraph blog post for my 400 level seminar has me stumped. Curses higher education!)

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