Thursday, March 31, 2011

Goodies from England

reading: The Lost Symbol, by Dan Brown
listening to: Autolux
drinking: ginger ale
wishing: I didn't have a migraine and could crochet!

I got some goodies from England via my Pen Pal Plus, EssHaych/Sarah! (Go check out her blog!)

First package was some sweet notes and some stamps

I'm no stamp collector, but I saw that the UK was issuing stamps with fantasy characters on it. Cue geek/nerdom. There's two from Terry Pratchett's Discworld series (which I need to read), two from Harry Potter, two from Arthurian legend and two from the Chronicles of Narnia. (which I need to reread) They're really little works of art, and I'm lucky to get them in a fancy schmany package. Now I just need to find a place for them. They are NOT going to be pasted on postcards.

Then I received a box!

 Inside was Never Let Me Go, by Kazuo Ishiguro, which is apparently now a movie, but I've never heard it of. (They probably didn't have it over here. Lame.) I look forward to reading it. I think it'll be next. And an adorable unicorn journal! It's so cute! I want that plushie.

And because we share candies as well:

Awesome chocolates! These won't be eaten, they are so cute! The "MADNESS" hamster one says "Every night they visit you/ Every night they come/ And bit by bit/ They steal your brain/ And feed it to their MUM." Kinda unnerving. I would have been freaked if I had gotten a hamster as well. 

Thanks so much, and look forward to a package soon! I have everything, just need to box it up.

Oh, and a knitting 'toon:

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Esshaych said...

I'm so relieved that box arrived!! I thought it had got lost in the post!! :p Glad you liked everything!!
Yeah I'd never heard of that book/film either. I just saw it in Sainsburys one evening and it looked interesting. Hope you enjoy it!
Yay! A package! I'll keep my eyes peeled over the next few weeks! :D

Jillie said...

Stupid extra-long-post-across-the-Atlantic.

I'll let you know when I send! First I have to find a box... :b