Tuesday, April 19, 2011


I've been out with a migraine, yet again. It's really unfortunate. It seems as though they've really increased this year, which is disconcerting. It was about a 6 day thing, Monday and Tuesday of last week being separate events, then Wednesday night until this morning. Nothing was working and I was in a lot of pain so I went to the emergency room, once again.

Doesn't everyone's mom take pictures of them as they're snoozing in the ER?

They started me off with a mix of oxygen, Benadryl and Reglan, which is apparently a stomach medicine, but when combined with the Benadryl has good results for migraine patients. It didn't work too well for me. It did take away the nausea, but then I was given three things (I'm not sure if it was vials, or cc's or what.) of morphine, and two prescriptions for Fioricet (a butalbital/caffeine/acetaminophen medicine) and Vicodin. When I got home I unfortunately had to work on a research paper, ironically about migraines, but with the Fioricet and plenty of water I managed to get it done. When I woke up this morning I took another dose, and have been fine! I was able to go to both my classes and even do a bit of shopping, along with some homework, so I feel great. I'm going to watch my triggers, especially since I think orange soda gave me the migraines last Monday and Tuesday, and see a neurologist once this semester is over.


Though I was in a lot of pain I still got out to enjoy the nice weather last Friday.

I've been making some "cookies" for my amoeba hexagon blanket.

A practice dress for Coral, my Blythe. She will be unboxed on May 6th!!!! and I want to have some clothes to put her in and take her around and photograph.

Cat butt!


Esshaych said...

So sorry you've been unwell :( Must've been really bad to go to the hospital, I can only imagine what it must've been like for you that week :( Glad you're on the ment now though :)

Lol, I remember seeing a picture of you a while back now in the ER :p

Love the pictures too - cute dress! I really like the fabric :D Did you hand sew it or machine it?

Jillie the Great said...

Ha, that's right, last May I took a picture in the ER. Thanks kiddo, I'm trying! Over the summer I'm going to see a neurologist and do the sleep study. (Groan. I've tried to avoid it, but it might be necessary.)

Thanks! I machined it, and had quite a time flipping it inside out. I think I'll hand sew the side seams, and hem it on the machine. It's just a test to check my sewing skills (which is so hard to go around in circles!) and her size. (And to placate her when she gets out of the box! :x)

AND I just realized the next day is the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival so she might be going too.

Esshaych said...

Like the sound of the festival! Have a fab time!! :D

I haven't tried machine sewing anything for Zoe yet, just trying to get my really bad hand sewing up to scratch. I finished her first proper dress today - we're gonna have a photo shoot tomorrow so I'll send you a picture :)

Oooo, sleep study :( Is that where you go in for the night and they monitor you while you sleep? And put them funny electrodes on your head?! I've had them before for some brain test at Great Ormond Street. Hey use this weird glue stuff and put what looks like a pair of tights over your head lol XD

Jillie the Great said...

:D I'm excited to see Zoe's picture! Actually things have been switched around with Coral's deboxing and I am excited. Post soon.

Yep, that's exactly what happens. I got a panic attack the last time and was like no way. But I'll definitely take a picture if they pull some tights shenanigans!

Esshaych said...

Oooo, can't wait to hear about the deboxing!! :D

The electrodes arn't that bad really - you can't feel them at all, it just messes your scalp up a bit :p Yeah, you MUST get a picture if they put tights on your head lol!! XD