Sunday, May 1, 2011

Every Day in May Part III

May 1st! This is the kickoff to the third Every Day in May! Year 1 it was just a picture a day. Year 2 it was an artsy picture a day, taken by Charlie. I was going to do the same thing, but then looked at the calendar. If you haven't noticed, I was set to open my Blythe, Coral, on May 6. I knew that the first five days were going to be pictures of random things, and then from the 6th on they'd be all Coral. So I changed it. I'm opening Coral tomorrow (actually later today) and it'll be 31 Days of Coral! Every Day in May, the Blythe edition! I'll probably keep them on on my Flickr, since it's big into Blythes and every Monday have a mosaic from the past week, to keep the Blythe spam down. I'm so excited!

And in this post I'll be keeping track of all the days.

Enjoy the Blythe love! ♥


Day 1: Free at Last
Day 2: Green Eyes, the Spotlight Shines Upon You
Day 3: Coral Meets Arwen
Day 4: May the Fourth Be With You
Day 5: ¡Feliz Cinco de Mayo!
Day 6: New Arrival
Day 7: Baby Blue
Day 8: New carpets
Week 1 Wrap Up
Day 9: Strawberry Fields Forever
Day 10: Hangin' Out
Day 11: Going to School
Day 12: Picking out Fabrics
Day 13: Strawberries!
Day 14: Bunny and Bitty
Day 15: Sick Snuggles
Day 16: Rain, Rain Go Away
Week 2 Wrap Up
Day 17: Black Holes
Day 18: Measurements
Day 19: Orange Sun
Day 20: Coral Weasley
Day 21: The Rapture
Day 22: Sick With Migraines
Day 23: Miniatures
  Week 3 Wrap Up
Day 24: Eyes as black as tar. 
Day 25: Baby's got new clothes
Day 26: Is this how it's supposed to go?
Day 27: Cute hat, Coral
Day 28: Orange again
Day 29: Blue through blue
Day 30: Hershey kiss
Day 31: Goodbye friends
Month Wrap Up 

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Esshaych said...

Loving your Blythe photos! :D