Sunday, July 24, 2011

Squares on Sunday

Grandma's Afghan! by onepinkhippo
Grandma's Afghan!, a photo by onepinkhippo on Flickr.
Almost finished my grandma's afghan! I laid out all the squares, and have found a different layout. I'll put four 12 inchers in four corners, and then have the 6 inchers in double rows in the middle. This way, at the time of this photograph, I had only one 6 incher left and one 12 incher left to do. I've finished the 6 incher, and am almost finished the 12 incher. By next Sunday, I should have the complete layout.

I'm going to join using Priscilla Hewitt's flat braid joining technique in purple, and then I think some sort of granny square round border, one round in white, one round in green, and then perhaps one more round in purple.

Now I'll be able to give it to her in August. Unfortunately, almost a year and a half late, but at least I'll have my wish of giving it to her in person.

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