Wednesday, July 27, 2011

WIP Wednesday: Early Morning


This is one of my (many) WIPs. I had an idea the other night to make a Domo sweater for my Blythe. I found yarn in my stash in brown, white and red, though it's worsted and sport weight. I'm knitting in it Lion Brand Microspun, and even though I'm using US 1s it's coming out chunky. I think it's going to be a chunky sweater coat rather than sweater, but that's ok. Plus, my stranding/Fair Isle is a little tight, but it looks good! I hope to work on more tomorrow.


Esshaych said...

Looking great!! Can't wait to see the result! :D

Jillie the Great said...


Zoe may get one. ;]

Esshaych said...

Ooooooo!! *happy dance!*