Sunday, August 28, 2011

Hurricane Irene

Hurricane Irene aftermath. by onepinkhippo
Hurricane Irene aftermath., a photo by onepinkhippo on Flickr.

The horror!! 

I just turned on CNN, and there's some bad flooding in Vermont, so I feel quite lucky that we didn't suffer from anything. We didn't lose power, and I'm on a hill so there's no flooding here. I'm sure in low lying places in DC have flooding, but it does with any heavy rain. I haven't driven around at all, so I don't know if any trees are down, but we didn't get anything bad. It's still breezy outside and there's no humidity, so thanks Irene! 

Yesterday it got really bad after 1am, only because the winds picked up. I think it started lightning as well. I had a massive migraine, so I was asleep for the majority of the day. One of our window screens fell out, and another window sprung a leak. My mom and I could also hear the chairs scraping across the deck, but that was about it. Seems like we were just really lucky, especially since we aren't anywhere near the coast. 

Here are some pictures of Irene, in all her destructive beauty:

Caught by the NOAA/NASA GOES-13 satellite, two days ago, when she was nearly a third of the size of the entire East Coast.

 The International Space Station passed over Irene Wednesday.
Only the mayo is left...
 My photo from Friday when my dad and I stopped by the grocery store. On the mayo was left! They were also selling boxes of 6 1 gallon jugs of water, and people were buying those up right quick.

Click HERE for pictures from the Flickr Blog.

And here's a video of a newscaster who's really depressed all these people are out and about. (NSFW, one guy flashes the camera.)


Hope everyone is safe and dry!


Esshaych said...

Glad you were all ok! I love the pictures!

Phahaha - when I went to watch the video it said - 'This video has been removed as a violation of YouTube's policy on nudity or sexual content' XD WTF was it?!!

Jillie the Great said...

Aw! It was just a group of guys that ran past in their bathing suits, and one flashed the camera, and you could see his junk flapping around in the wind. Hahahah! XD

Esshaych said...

Phahaha!! XD Why would they take that down from YouTube?!! *rolls eyes* Stupid YouTube :(

Esshaych said...

I found it on YouTube on someone elses account! Lmfao! XD

Jillie the Great said...

Ha, good! Silly men. :p