Friday, September 9, 2011

Après moi le déluge

Hopefully this will be one of the last Apocalyptic Weather/Mother Nature Gone Awry posts and I can get back to my regularly scheduled crafting, but it's been raining for days and shows no signs of letting up. Between Hurricane Irene and this, the remnants of Hurricane Lee, we've had maybe two or three days of sunshine. It's been pouring rain since at least Monday, along with thunder and lightning. DC is in a swamp, and there are a lot of low-lying places around here. Yesterday evening was the worst for rush hour, as half the Beltway was closed due to flooding! The ground is saturated and like a sponge, and there's cricks that have turned into rivers all over the place. At Mason we have a nice sized pond that houses fish, turtles and a flock of geese who my friend and I go and throw bread to at odd hours of the night. (Last time we went it was 3 AM. The geese were happy though!) I wasn't feeling too well yesterday, I had this weird dizzy feeling, and was antsy about driving, plus the rain, plus the fact 4.30 is around the start of rush hour I wanted to get home. So I decided to leave early and heard girls talking about road closures in the bathroom. I checked my email, and it said Mason Pond had flooded and part of the road was closed. I knew I was definitely leaving. Walking towards the parking lot, this is what I saw:

Brown roads!

Yeah, that brown? That's the road! The pond had overflowed down the road!

Here are some more shots of the road:

It's a lot deeper than it looked. Whoosh. They made us walk down and cross at the raised crosswalk. 

We had to walk down and cross at a raised crosswalk and a bridge over the outflow crick river. 

The creek. Through the woods. 

It looks like the Everglades. And here's a shot of the Coca-Cola truck braving the waters:

  Coca-Cola truck braving the flood. 

 Fairfax County Public Schools are closed today but Mason's classes are still on. Since I don't have class on Friday, I've decided to take advantage of the nasty weather and turn today into a craft day, so except to see FOs soon!


Esshaych said...

My God - it really IS the Apocalypse! It didn't even register that it was a road first :p Poor ducks at the pond! :(

Jillie the Great said...

Hahaha! I told my friend the geese were floating down the street, haha. Here's a view of the pond and some buildings:

Esshaych said...

Wow, massive lake! So pretty! :D