Sunday, September 18, 2011

Hippo Progress & Granny Daughters

I really need to get back into using my cameras, both my DSLR and point-and-shoot, as I've gotten lazy and rely on my iPhone. It can take okay pictures, but it's main purpose isn't as a camera, so it doesn't have the best.

Anyway, more progress on my hippo, Pastiche:

I've started decreasing for the head. That big blob of red that looks like lipstick is where the snout will go. I love the pooling! 

This is how I usually am sitting though:

And yes, she's sitting right on the pattern. I usually have to move her at least once a night. She sits on anything I'm working on, be it the computer, a knitting pattern, or homework. She's there. Silly Arwen.

And I found a possibly handmade knit sweater in an old box that had American Girl doll clothes in it, and of course had to put it on Susie!

After seeing my friend Jeanette lay out all her granny daughters I had to do it with mine:

So many! I couldn't fit all the rounds around because of the furniture but it's a good idea of the size. Unfortunately, I think I'll need a few more swaps and a couple hundred more to make it fit my bed. Last count was 563 so I'll need 157 more to make it to 720. With two partners that' a swap and a half. Not too bad! Now to just join them all. But the "join as you go" technique isn't that bad.

What I really need to do, now that I'm inspired, is to lay out the squares for other blankets I have/need to finish:

Grandma's 80th birthday afghan, which looks like it's 81st birthday now 
2009 Afghan, using 12" squares from Craftster and Ravelry CALs and 6" square from the Ravelry CAL

The Happy Summer Hexagon afghan I think I've done two hexagons? I think I need to buy some more yarn for it. But it's the perfect motivator to find the cord for my point-and-shoot and get snapping!

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