Monday, September 12, 2011

Two Of Us

If you read this blog religiously, than you've of course heard of my good friend, the lovely, talented, and totally awesome Sarah/EssHaych. Way back in March she jumped on the Blythe Bandwagon with me and purchased a Simply Thumpty Thump, the sister of Coral. (For non Blythers, Takara released a set of three 'Manga' Girls, Simply Sparkly Spark, Simply Bubble Boom and Simply Thumpty Thump.) We have about 10 emails going back and forth, one dedicated to Blythes. We share shops, photos, clothes we've made, and customizations. Unfortunately there's a large mass of salt water more popularly known as the Atlantic Ocean that separates us; I'm in the United States and Sarah is in England.

I was reading the blogs I follow, and after seeing Mason Dixon Knitting got a wonderful idea. Why don't Sarah and I start a blog like them!?! Theirs is mainly knitting, and they're separated by distance as well; Kay lives in Manhattan and Ann lives in Nashville. For their posts they write to and update each other on their crafty progress. Why can't Sarah and I do that, only with the theme of Blythes rather than just knitting? Of course we can. Thus EssHippo Blythes was born!

Ours not only has posts concerning Blythes, but free (!!!) patterns and a Blythe database. When we get the blog on its feet we hope to have shop reviews and interviews. So definitely check it out! Even if you haven't been bitten by the Blythe Bug, after reading the blog you just might!

So what are you stil doing here, silly? Go check us out!

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Esshaych said...

Weee!! :D

Awww, you're an awesome friend!! *hugs!*