Sunday, October 30, 2011

New Eyes!

School has done a great job impacting my crafting and Blythe time, but I try to sneak it in there, at least a few rows or rounds a night. Even though Coral had been finished a few weekends ago, Zooey laid around in pieces for a bit until last weekend when I finally had time to put her chips in and her body back together. I made a quick mosaic of their new chippies. Both girls got slightly matted with a magic sponge, though I kept both girls' eyeshadow and lipstick, as well as Zooey's blush.

21.1 Coral's New Eyes

Coral's New Eyes:
Top: Floral from milkywayblythe; Yellow Actionoid from CoolCat
Bottom: Green 20 line; Yellow and pink Plum Blossom, both from CoolCat

21.2 Zooey's New Eyes

Zooey's New Eyes (I wanted her to have more natural/normal looking eyes, whereas Coral could have kooky and crazy ones that went with her personality.)
Top: Pale gray Plum Blossom; Dark pink Actinoid
Bottom: Dark green 20 Line; Brown Plum Blossom, all from CoolCat 

Both girls have left facing greens! I did that on purpose.


And next I'll introduce my new girl, Lola, by the brilliant Sarah/EssHaych, who by creepy coincidence, has left facing greens as well!

  Left Facing Greens

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