Monday, November 7, 2011

22. Lola's Adventure in Wonderland

22. Lola's Adventures in Wonderland

Lola and Domos had an adventure and explored the autumn leaves and playground behind the house the other day! I love this weather, and autumn is my favorite season. Plus, there's tons of leaves and wood-chips for Domos to use for fights. Silly Domos. More information on them later.

I also tried to crochet a Blythe dress, but the bodice came out too boxy.

I'm not too sure why. It could be because the yarn is stiff, or because I need less stitches for the underarms. I'll frog and figure it out, after Christmas gifts.

And I had an amazingly productive weekend, on the Blythe clothing front, so once I find some time to take some pictures I'll post those as well.

Poor dear abandoned blog. I'm sorry! School gets in the way, and I had a weird emotional week that had me out of things for a while, but all is good and back to normal now.

Christmas crafting time!

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