Sunday, January 15, 2012

A Domo a Day

For 2012, I've decided to do a Project 365. This is A Domo a Day, where I take a picture of one of my Domos each day. There aren't any rules and no specified camera - I can use my iPhone or Charlie (DSLR) as long as it's a photo of a Domo each day. I made a special tumblr to keep track of them all, and will be keeping track on Flickr as well as the page above. It'll have the links to everything, the monthly mosaics, and a Flickr widget, if I can find one. I won't be posting a picture a day here, but will make a monthly review mosaic and post it.

Since it's the 15th (technically, it's 2 AM) I'll post the past 14 so we're all caught up.

ADAD 001/365: Happy New Year's!
001: Happy New Year's

ADAD 002/365: Free her! Arise! 

002: Free her! Arise!

  ADAD 003/365: Skeletor Domo and Original Domo Win Best Dressed 
003: Skeletor Domo and Original Domo Win Best Dressed

ADAD 004/365: A Domo-napping in Progress 
004: A Domo-napping in Progress

ADAD 005/365: Low Light Original 
005: Low Light Original

ADAD 006/365: Take ALL the Domos! 
006: Take ALL the Domos!

ADAD 007/365: The Lone Domo 
007: The Lone Domo

ADAD 008/365: Onward! 
008: Onward!

ADAD 009/365: Snow! 
009: Snow!

ADAD 010/365: Skeletor and I go over my mom's discharge information. 
010: Skeletor and I go over my mom's discharge information.

ADAD 011/365: Dr. Domo warns about the hazards of medical waste. 
011: Dr. Domo warns about the hazards of medical waste.

ADAD 012/365: Double Exposure Christmas Twins 
012: Double Exposure Christmas Twins

ADAD 013/365: When in the bathroom...
013: When in the bathroom...

ADAD 014/365: Shopping achievement unlocked: Chipotle 
014: Shopping achievement unlocked: Chipotle

Enjoy the Domo!


Esshaych said...

Your Domo pics are epic! :D I wish I could take such great pics! :D

Jillie the Great said...

Awh, thank you! And you do take great pics! Just practice practice practice, and take pictures all the time and everywhere, so much that you bother people and your phone and computer are loaded with pictures. Haha.