Saturday, May 26, 2012

Funko Pop! Vinyl

It started with Blythes, then went to Domos. Now it's spread to me becoming pretty much a toy addict. I've got Ugly Dolls, Tokidokis, a few Legos, some Takochus, and even an Android and a Be@rbrick. Maybe I'll do some posts on those, but today I want to talk about Funko's Pop! Vinyl.

Funko is most known for making bobbleheads, and their first one was the 'Big Boy' mascot of the Big Boy restaurant chain. (via)

What I've fallen in love with is their Pop! Vinyls. Cartoon characters, movie icons, musicians, and other well known figures have been created. But I want to show you a few of my favorites, aka ones that I need for my collection.

Ariel! I'm not too much a fan of Disney, but Ariel is my favorite Disney princess, and in this form she's so adorable. I love her little bobbed haircut and hairbow. So cute!

They have quite a few characters from the Nightmare Before Christmas film including Jack Skellington and the Mayor, but if I had to choose one I'd get Sally. She's my favorite, and "Sally's Song" is so touching.

Dr. Sheldon Cooper! The Big Bang Theory is easily one of my favorite shows, and Sheldon is definitely my favorite characters. Actually, I think this is the one I want the most. Can't you just see him saying "bazinga!" or condescendingly correcting your facts? 

I looooove Ugly Dolls! Babo is hands down my absolute favorite, though I'm not too sure I like him in this form. He lacks the... Baboishness that the little ones have. That blank stare... I don't know how to describe it.

See? Ain't he cute. Ahaha. The Babo Stare.

From the Pop! Ugly Dolls I do really like the Ice Bat and Ninja Batty Shogun though, the latter which I'd probably get first.

I'm really excited to seeing what Funko comes out with next and see the others in person. They have the Beatles and other musicians, and some really cute pop culture figures but I'll be really happy to see a Bob Dylan one, and a set of Pink Floyd ones. 

Now to just get some monies....

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Daniel Goldwater said...

Something something you liking Android (even if it may r may not be a different Android, you know what I'm thinking of).
These are neat though and I really like the Ariel and Sheldon ones. And I can totally see you going banananananas over these things.