Wednesday, June 24, 2015

WIP Wednesday

I've been having a hard time in the Life in General department, and it has bled into my crafting life so much so the only WIP I really have today are my solid grannies. I call it my therapy crochet.

Hopefully I'll be able to knock out of this depression soon, and get back to work.  I need to work on my mom's birthday gift and some other patterns I've found while browsing the web.  A lot are ones I have yarn in my stash for, so I'm really excited about that.

So today's WIP is a different one.  A living WIP.  My garden!

We're growing a lot this year.  We have blueberries:

grape tomatoes:

Cajun belle peppers:

And three types of onions, this one a red onion, and I think it's ready to be picked.

I also have candy and white onions, along with 'husky red' tomatoes, and 'purple beauty' peppers, the peppers we haven't seen any of.  I think that plant needs to be repotted.

And just a shot of one of my favorite flowers, some black petunias I've found the past few years.  I know it's not in focus but I like the vintagey and snapshotty feel. (thanks Hipstamatic)

And here's poor Pip; all he wanted was to go outside, but if he does he'll probably leap over to the neighbor's deck so he's a window watcher.


CJG said...

Go grannies! I love having a mindless go-to project when I'm not feeling like doing anything else (lately it's been dishcloths with the linen stitch). It's great that you get to garden, too. One of these days (maybe this summer), I'll work on clearing out my porch so I can have a porch garden next year. I enjoy looking at garden photos, so I hope you'll post more!

Esshaych said...

Hope you're feeling better soon Jill! <3

OnePinkHippo said...

Right! It's great isn't it. And I'll definitely have more garden pictures once things start ripening. (Thanks for reading and commenting!)