Wednesday, July 1, 2015

WIP Wednesday

My family and I went to Shenandoah National Park over the weekend, and I have a lot of pictures to show but first WIP Wednesday, which I didn't want to skip, especially with a new project on the hooks and an itch to pick up the needles.  A few teasers from Instagram:

Crescent Rock Overlook


Progress on the therapy crochet afghan have been halted.  I think I wove in one end and gave up.  (That's one end itself, not the ends on one square.)  And I have quite a few ends to go, along with around 20 squares in light yellow and pink to brighten things up a bit.  Maybe I'll join and then weave in all the ends at the end.

But why has progress stopped?  Because of these next two projects:

My mom's birthday present, made from African flower motifs, which is unfortunately late.

And a granny stripe cowl!  Free pattern to come soon.  I'm using Knit Picks Palette, which is a dream to work with, though it is thin.  No squeak of acrylic on my hook, just rows and rows of bitty, fluffy granny clusters.

And despite all this crochet, I'm tempted to pick up the needles and cast on for a shawl!  We'll see...


Esshaych said...

Love the colours you're using for the shawl! And yay for African Flower motifs!

Also Shenandoah National Park looks so beautiful <3

CJG said...

I hear you on the weaving in of the tails! I've been tackling my huge bag of Granny's Daughters whenever I am a passenger in a car/plane/train/bus. It's a project I can easily do on the road, and I am actually nearing the end. Then, I'll have to take stock to see if I have enough to make a blanket and to see if I can do the flat braid join as a continuous joining method (because, otherwise, it's 2 more ends to weave in for every GD!). Have fun with the African Flowers and I can't wait to see the cowl when it's finished (and, I agree with Sarah, the colors are great!).

OnePinkHippo said...

Thank you! I think I might just start joining, then weave in ends. I HATE ends. You know how there's a group on Ravelry where you can send your tangled yarn and people will unravel it for you because some people just love untangling yarn? I wish there was something like that for ends. ;]