Friday, November 30, 2007

Stash busting!

I have a problem. I have now passed through the denial phase, into the acceptance phase. I am addicted to yarn. Above is my glorious stash, all 101 (and counting!) balls of it. (Plus my green monsta I received in a swap.)

My mother thinks I'm absolutely crazy, but I'm guessing my stash is itty compared to a lot of knitters and crocheters out there. But at least most of the yarn has a desired project, and one day or another it will be a beautiful FO.

I have another stash of fabric, but those will be organized another day. I REALLY need to get my Ravelry invite, just so everything will be organized. I spied a silverfish lurking around my basket of yarn, so I moved everything into two large under the bed boxes.

I'd love to move into an apartment when I can just have a crafting room!

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KSee said...

Raverly is great. I was amazed at how much stashed yarn I had. I then got into the two skein project mode so I could use some of it up. I purchased many of the 1-2 skeins to add to felted bags but I've not been in the mood to knit bags as I have too many to finish up. I realized that I did not have "nice" yarn. It really makes a difference for small projects.