Monday, December 10, 2007

34 Minutes!

It will be my birthday in 34 minutes! I'll be 20. Too bad nothing really big happens, but it's still exciting.

I received my early birthday present to myself, 7 and a few partial skeins of light green yarn from Etsy. For each skein itself, there's not a TON, but it's really nice. And I got some Caron Bliss, which is really fuzzy. I love it!

Since I've been updating my Ravelry with my stash, needles/hooks, books and projects, I decided to post some WIPs. (BTW, Ravelry is FANTASTIC. I feel so organized now! It's so nice to just look on the computer to see my stash and current WIPs. It's giving me a push to get some of these projects done to clear my stash, which I need to do before I can buy any more yarn.)

Anyway, the first picture is of Saartje's Bootees. I've been dying to make these (seriously, DYING) ever since I first found the pattern, but I didn't know any babies and I figured it would freak out my DBF and mother if I was making baby booties just because. But my uncle's girlfriend's daughter-in-law just had a new baby girl and I just HAD to make her some, dontchaknow. They are so cute, I love this pattern. I wonder if I could make them in my size? That would probably just take away their cuteness. The seaming was kind of a PITA the first time, but I'm sure for the second one they'll be okay. And I'm using size US 2s, and when I started out they freaked me out. I'm used to using US 8s or 10s, and these are just so itty-bitty, but suprisingly they work up really quickly. Smaller needles are used for socks, right? I better get used to them janx.

And these are a few of the squares from my Granny Square Blanket I'm making for my dad. I've done 10 out of 24 small squares. And I need 6 large squares, too. I definitely started in August and said I'd do a square a day, but then summer was ending! and they take a while. Since it obviously won't be done in time for Christmas, maybe it'll be ready for Father's Day? :)


KSee said...

Hello, I found you on Raverly! You sure have been busy. Check out
she just finished a pair in the round. I just added you to my friends. Now back to blog reading!

KSee said...

Me again. I made afgans back in the 70's & 80's. I would make them in three colors, 16 large squares. They made great throws and were easy to fold up when not in use. When I'm frogging a knit projectI've had fleeting memories that if I was crocheting I wouldn't be frogging! Haven't lost the knit bug yet.