Sunday, January 27, 2008

Pudgy Dinosaurs

I really haven't been good with the posting recently. School has been vampireing away all my crafty time lately, and of course I'm getting bogged down with people wanting stuff and now Valentine's Day presents for the boy. Oy.

I finished my first block for the 12" Square Block a Month CAL. It's done in Caron's Simply Soft, which is a DREAM to work with. I love how cheap acrylic can actually be nice. It's not exactly 12" and one of the corners is a bit wonky, but hopefully that will clear up once I sew the rest together.

I also conquered cables! Well, maybe three cable repeats, but I'm proud and my dad's scarf looks good so far. Cabling is a lot easier than I thought. Granted it's not a complicated cabling pattern, but I like them. And I also like how it's an easy way to "dress up" a scarf. Watch this space, soon I'll be a cabling queen.

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