Sunday, January 6, 2008

Wooo, picture post!

Here is the obligatory picture post, most of these from Christmas.

Chocolate Gingerbread Hugs! These were so good; I love Hugs. I found the recipe from a free booklet from Women's Day. Gotta love the free swag. ;)

This is my new baby! My gorgeous Juno serger. I haven't had time to play with it yet, plus I need thread, and I'm guessing I need four of those mondo spools? And I was reading the novel that came with it - SO MUCH more complicated than the sewing machine. I need to just set a day aside to explore and create.

My new sewing area. Two machines on the dining room table? I think not. So I got a dining room table at Ikea and moved all the books down to the basement, which was a sad affair. It's really junky now, just because that's how I roll. Check out Mick St. John's (Alex O'Laughlin in Moonlight) sexy bod on my desktop. Yum.

A current WIP. A cow cloth for my aunt who is obsessed with cows. Check out the udder on that bad boy. And you can see my new dolphin stitch markers. (Charms + split rings = cheap, cute stitch markers.)

I'm really looking forward to the next semester, except I need to get out of the English class geared towards science majors and get into the humanities one. Plus, I'll be taking sewing classes at Hancock Fabrics. Neither Mason nor NoVA give any textile or sewing classes. :( Maybe their classes with improve over the summer.

OH, and I've been working on my goals for this winter break. I definitely completed #2, the whole cleaning up the computer part. It's not really "clean" per se, but it's more organized. I've definitely been making dinner like this whole week, and I just saw Juno (again! best movie ever) with my pal from Tufts. I also made these cookies that look so good, but they taste gross. Maybe it's the espresso crumbs. Everyone else likes them, I guess I'm just weird.

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