Tuesday, February 12, 2008

New Squares!

These are my two new squares for my afghan! The first is the February square, Cross My Heart. I like it, especially with the addition of the white and green yarns. The hearts in the middle are a tad wonky, but that's okay. The second one I like a lot better. It's a filler square, Waldo's Puzzle. It was a pain crocheting into the chain, mainly because I have crocheted something that required it (amigurumi and most of these blocks don't) but I used a mega hook and everything was alright. I really like this one, and am really proud of it. I can't wait until my afghan is done! Plus, I have to make it larger because I got a new bed. It's a double, which is great so I won't roll over into a face full of cat hair.

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