Monday, November 17, 2008

The REAL Lions Cascade?

I just picked the name "lions cascade" out of the air by combining two random words, but apparently in Peterhof, Russia there's a real lion's cascade fountain. Isn't it gorgeous!? I think I'll put it on my "things to do before I die" list. Lions Cascade @ The Lions Cascade!

Christmas crafting is coming along very nicely. I'm working through it very quickly, so hopefully there won't be any midnight knitting on Christmas Eve. I finished all the squares for my daddy's blanket! My first afghan, I'm so excited. I'll block them tonight, and work on sewing them together and a border. They would have been blocked but Susie got her paw stuck in a Wegman's bag and ran around the house like a maniac because she was so scared. She also peed herself. The smell was awful, almost like a skunk, but I've never heard of cats excreting poweful smelling urine as a distration. I didn't think my first night back from Shenandoah I'd be washing my kitty instead of watching the horrible B movies on Sci-Fi.

In yarn pr0n news, I organized my yarn into two under-the-bed boxes. Big White has all yarn that has an accompaning project. (ex 3 skeins of Sugar 'N Cream for a Fat Bottom Bag) I wrote them all down, and I have about 26 projects lined up, mostly for me. :) Big Blue has all the true stash yarn - yarn that's left over from other projects, yarn I had to buy, and a bunch of acrylic I bought when I was just learning. That's going to go for either afghans for family, or charity. I know I'm going to make (at least) one scarf and send to Knit Your Bit, scarves for WWII veterans.


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KSee said...

Thank you for stoping by.
poor baby, I've had one of my cats get there head in the handle of the bag but thank goodness she didn't freak out.

I'm just starting my x-mas and Hanukkah presents. There will be a lot of one skein scarfs coming off my needles and using everything from stash.