Saturday, December 13, 2008

#90 Try 10 new restaurants (1/10)

I completed the first thing on my list! (Not completely finished, but I'm on my way.)

Thursday was my 21st birthday and I wanted to go to my favorite restaurant, Los Amigos, in Del Ray. It was pouring and we thought we went down the wrong street, but as we reached the restaurant (it looks like a little house) we noticed there were no Christmas lights. I was like is it open? As we passed we realized it was open, but was a different restaurant: La Strada! I said what the heck, let's try it. And it turned out to be great food. We ordered a seafood medley in tomato sauce, and I ordered my first beer (Peroni) and didn't even get carded! It was delicious, but I was bummed Los Amigos has gone.

If you're in the Del Ray/Alexandria Virginia area, try this place:

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