Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Swap goodies.

My Holidays Cookie Swap on Craftster has been a success! I received my goodies from my swap partner today. First though, I sent her Lemon Crisscross cookies, Cranberry Vanilla Chip cookies and Cinnamon Oatmeal cookies (my fave!). They were all really good, and because the Cinnamon Oatmeal cookies called for for 13 dozen batches, I had to separate the dough just so it would fit in my mixer PLUS I had a ton left over so I froze them for Christmas. Yummy.

The post man left me a "while you were away" message that said I had to wait until tomorrow morning to pick up my cookies. Well, I wasn't having that so I had to track him down, and this lovely fellow greeted me:

I opened my box to see THREE tins of cookie goodness, plus a moose and candy cane tree.

My kitten, Susie said ""take ma pisha wit jingly bare," so I happily obliged.

Along with the moose, tree and jingly bear, I received a (handmade?) stocking ornament and spatula. Ka pow!

What do they have in Texas I can't get here in Virginia? JACKALOPES of course!

NOM NOM. (r to l) Sweetie Pies, Chocolate Red Chile Pepper Cookies with Tangerine glaze (quite an interesting taste I wasn't fully prepared well. Yummy, but my mind is like "there's CHILES in these!") and Peppermint Pebbles, hands down the yummiest.

Susie was chilling in the box, with her lovely squirrel tail.

It was a great swap. I hope my cookies are as well received as these!

Pictures of finished dishcloths are on their way! Stay tuned.

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