Thursday, January 15, 2009

#1, #38, #54, #77

#1. Donate $50 or more to the World Wildlife Foundation.
I received a letter today from the WWF asking for money, and figured it would be a perfect opportunity. I donated $52 (it was one of the choices) and I get a free umbrella as an added bonus.

#38. Deplete my yarn and fabric stash.
I'm participating in the Granny Daughters (Rnd 2) swap on Craftster, and I had to crochet 80 GDs (40 for each partner) so I've been going through all my little scraps using them all up. It's good for stashbusting, but I'm going to receive 80 through this swap for making my own blanket.

I also finished a hat using some stash cotton and Lion Brand Jiffy, and started on a cushion using some big squeaky acrylic skeins.

My stashbusting plan is as follows:
1. I’m going to use all my leftover cotton and make a whole bunch of multicolored Petals. (or any cloths knit in wedges in the round)
2. I’ve separated all my yarn into two under the bed boxes. Big White holds all yarn that is slated for a project. Get through this before buying anymore!
3. Join the 2009 12” squares CALs on Ravelry and Craftster and use all the leftover/acrylic yarn out of Big Blue.

I'm pushing through it!

#54. Knit/crochet 50 dishcloths (4/50)
I finished another cloth! KITTYVEGAS DON'T LOOK!

This is for the Dishalicious Dishcloth swap (Rnd 7) also on Craftster. I really like this pattern Starfish from This is a WIP shot, but I only knit 5 wedges so it really resembles a starfish.

#77. Don't cut my hair until the 1001 days are up. (Trims don't count.)
I got my hair done this weekend, and a slight trim. This is where it hits on my back:

I'm so proud. Boyfriend is stunned it's so long. I had a moment of weakness and wanted to cut it short and revert to the natural curliness so I'd have a mini fro, but I might have to save that until 2011. Or for when I'm a bit more daring.

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