Thursday, January 15, 2009

Jiffy Cotton Tweed Hat

Not surprisingly, having a cold this past week has allowed me to motor through some UFOs. I've finished all my Granny Daughters for the swap (that's 80) plus 44 for myself for a grand total of...124! :D Now I have plenty of ends to weave in.

I've also finished my new favorite hat, just in time for the 20 degree weather we're going to have. Unfortunately, I haven't been outside since Monday and don't anticipate going anywhere feeling like this so I'll wait to use it when school starts Wednesday. (Mason FINALLY gave us Inauguration Day off.)

Another Garter Stitch Hat with Square Raglan by Zachary Loomis!
Yarn: Lion Brand Jiffy in Dusty Pink and Lion Brand Lion Cotton in fuchsia (one strand of each held together)
Needles: US 8 16" and US 8 DPNs (yay bamboo!)
Would I knit this again? Heck yes! I want to make one for my mom in shades of blue (or yellow?) but I can't buy anymore yarn so it will have to wait.
Notes: Holding both of these yarns together has produced a lovely tweedy fabric (it's not as peachy as the picture looks) which is incredibly warm. I'm thrilled about wearing it. And I think because it's made out of cotton, it will be semi-waterproof (or more water resistant than acrylic), perfect for snow. I really want snow, especially since I'm stuck in bed knitting and surfing teh Internets.

Unfortunately, I haven't been able to complete all the things I wanted to accomplish before school starts. There's no way I'm going to be able to get to a new LYS. Cleaning up the computer room was a joke, but I did want to get it more organized than it is. I finished everything else, except for studying Spanish.

EDIT: OMG these are probably the cutest things I've seen all day. If I thought I had yarn light enough, didn't have to deal with DPNs at midnight and didn't have a head full of mucus, I'd be casting on RIGHT NOW. My cousin's baby is so getting a pair. I need to make some for babies and just give them away on the street, they're that freaking cute.

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